Part 9/11: Age Verification Parcels

Supervisor Name: Umair Malik

Key Points
The law surrounding AVD packages has not changed, however we have made changes to the
workflow to ensure it is clearer and more robust. The requirements for an AVD packages are
the following;

  • 1) It must be handed to someone at the address on the package (but does not necessarily
    need to be handed to the adult named on the package) who is 18 years or older and can
    provide a valid ID and a signature, this includes reception staff of a commercial building.
  • 2) It cannot be delivered ‘unattended’ (such as left safe, or posted through the letter-box)
  • 3) It cannot be delivered to a Neighbour (although receptionist/concierge is acceptable for a
    commercial address or block of flats where there is a concierge/porter as long as ID is

Age-Verification Process

  • 1) You need to satisfy yourself that the ID presented is a valid form of identification – such as
    drivers licence, that belongs to the person you are talking to (for example, it must be photo-
    ID and of a reasonable likeness).
  • 2) You should check the Date-of-Birth on the ID and enter it onto the device. If the Date-of-
    Birth means that the person is over 18, the workflow will prompt for a signature, and the
    delivery can be completed.
  • 3) If you are not given any ID, you believe it is false or the Date-of-Birth shows the person is
    under 18, you must not deliver the parcel and return it to the station.

Acceptable ID’s
1. A photo card driving licence
2. A passport
3. A proof of age card bearing the PASS hologram

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