Part 3/11: Operational Site Contract Agreement

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Contract or Operational Site


Operational Address


Last Rate Review Date

03rd May 2020

Next Schedules Review Date

02nd May 2021


Next day Route:
Provision of a person in a SWB light commercial vehicle e.g. Ford Transit Custom, Renault Traffic or Mercedes Vito to complete one days’ worth of Amazon deliveries £115.00 per route or £133.00 for LWB Vans per route for rental van drivers, Owner Van Drivers to complete one days’ worth of Amazon deliveries £115.00 per route or £133.00 for LWB Vans per route
Same day Route:

Provision of a person to complete one days’ worth of Amazon
deliveries £75 per route/day,
Additional Payments (incentive bonuses):
Provision of a team work to provide performance services for
same day deliveries as per day route:
1. Teir 1 – 0 to 300 = £24.50
2. Teir 2 – 301 to 450 = £20.00
3. Teir 3 – 451 to 800 = £6.50
4. Teir 4 – >= 801 = £0.00
Unplanned Delay Wave:
Provision of an Amazon to provide sortation services for same
day late deliveries as per daily request £10 p/h

Ad Hoc Work

Fuel Allowance:
To be paid in addition to above route payments as per agreed
Amazon mpg formula and at current rate of £0.16p mpg
To be paid at an agreed rate per job or
Rescue 2h – £25, Rescue 4h – £50, Rescue 6h – £75
MFN 4h – £65, Classroom / Ridealong Training – £78.50 Per Day.


– Admin fee: £6/week
– PPE (personal protective equipment) Fee:

– PL & GIT fee if Applicable: £170.00 p/1x Invoice
– Accurate Background: £49.00 p/1x Invoice
– Route Assistance may be deducted/paid at £1.50 per Stop, regardless of severity of the situation.

Charges cont. with Van SUPPLIER

• Arrangements with van suppliers could be provided with costs of initial rental price from £170 to £240 depending on a deposit of requirement specifications, (See Vehicle Rental agreement).
• The independent contractor agrees that they will be liable for any cost to repair damages to the vehicle up to the value before returned.
1. The cost of the van excess arrangement from £1,000 to £2,500, depending on the severity of the damage and the situation.
2. The respective of traffic violations is included, but NOT
restricted to parking tickets and/or speed fines may be
included £30 fee.
Hire Requirements:
• Over the age 21;
• UK/EU valid Driving Licence (minimum required 1 - 3 year);
• No more than 6 points on your Driving Licence (DD, TT, DR, CD, IN endorsements and restrictions are not permitting);
• Non-EU driving Licence holders to check their eligibility to drive in UK as certain restrictions apply if they have been resident in the UK for more than 12 months. Advice is available at GOV.UK website.


• Deposits will be held upto £500.00 with a maximum deduction of £50.00 Per week,This deposit will be released within 14 days based on satisfaction that your contractual obligations have been Fulfilled with the van supplier.

Payments Arrangements

• The OWNER VANS and VEHICLES HIRED from Rental Providers, etc, the first invoice correctly received shall be paid in approximately 14 days.
• With exception of the final invoice, which may be withheld custody until 14 days as we are satisfied that your contractual obligations have been fulfilled with van supplier.

I accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Frame Agreement for subcontractor/supplier service comprising of: (a) this Frame Agreement (b)
Appendix One Subcontractor Agreement and (c)Appendix Two Schedule of Rates and Charges.


SP Transport Group Ltd

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